What Is Managed Email Marketing?

Managed email marketing means partnering with a professional design and marketing firm that helps you maximize the results of your email marketing campaign. Sure, there are other email marketing solutions that enable you to blast on your own, but they leave you without anyone to support your effort, optimize your creative, help you send the blast and interpret the statistics so that the success rates of your email marketing efforts can continue to grow. Our MailBlast product is offered in either a fully managed option or a do-it-yourself option, both with the full level of support you've come to expect from Vitamin.

Fully Managed Email Marketing

The fully managed model means that you partner with Vitamin to develop on-brand and highly creative HTML email templates that specifically target your audience. We work with you to build in the proper calls-to-action to ensure the campaign gets results both from a sales standpoint and from a viral marketing standpoint. Using your existing email list, we handle the blast on your behalf and provide you a link to track the campaign's results in real time.

  • Flat Rate Billing, Charged Per Send or Per Design
  • Copywriting Services Available

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D.I.Y. With Managed Creative

Under the D.I.Y. model, Vitamin handles the creation of as many on-brand and highly creative HTML email templates as you need to support your campaigns. We then load these various templates into the MailBlast system and provide you the control to manage the blasts on your own. Using MailBlast's powerful content management system, you are in control of list management with the ability to create new campaigns using any of the templates in the system.

  • Low Monthly Fee, Plus a Penny Per Email Sent
  • Copywriting Services Available

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