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A Sample Creative HTML Email Using MailBlast, Designed by Vitamin
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Good HTML Email Marketing Depends on Good Creative

Your campaign's open rate hinges on the recipient's email server being able to "see" what you are sending. If your campaign includes too many images and not enough selectable text, you could end up with poor open rates. By using MailBlast, you partner with Vitamin, a design and marketing firm well versed in digital media and email marketing. Vitamin works hand-in-hand with your marketing department to create reusable HTML email marketing templates that are more likely to pass through spam filters. Vitamin also shows you how to build in viral marketing calls-to-action so that your campaign can be forwarded to others outside of your existing list.

MailBlast Allows Multiple Custom Designed Templates
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You Write It & You Send It

Once the template is created, Vitamin loads it into the MailBlast system where you can repurpose the creative over and over as needed. Using an intuitive and friendly content management system, you are able to write copy, rename headers, insert images, preview, and send test campaigns. Need a new look and feel? No problem. Vitamin is there to help. We create that new look you are after and we add the new template to the MailBlast system for you to repurpose. There is no limit to the number of templates you can have.

A View of the Reporting Tools
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Track Your Campaign's Results

MailBlast provides you with detailed reporting, including overlays that show what areas of your creative were most interacted with and at what percentages. And you can even watch people open your campaign in real time using a dynamic map graphic that drops pins on users' geographic locations as they individually open (and re-open) your campaign. Using MailBlast, you will also be able to see:

  • Who Opened Your Campaign
  • How Many Times They Opened It
  • What They Clicked On
  • Who Unsubscribed
  • Who Bounced
  • Who Did Not Open
  • How Many People Forwarded the Campaign
  • How the Campaign was Received Via Social Media
A View of the List Management Tool
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List Management & Sign Up

Half the battle in effective email marketing is list management. MailBlast has a robust list management feature that enables you to keep your list in one place, with the ability to segment your list in any way you choose. You can import, export, add, edit and delete names all using the system. Best of all, when subscribers opt out of your email campaigns, they come off your list in real time and move to a "deleted names" queue, so there is no chance of emailing them again by mistake.

A View of the Social Media Tool
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Social Media Integration

The MailBlast content management system puts you in control of social media through easy integration of Twitter and Facebook directly into your campaign. Using these social media features, recipients can direct others to your content through Twitter and "like" it on Facebook. You can log in to the reporting tool to see how many Twitter mentions and Facebook "likes" your campaign received.

MailBlast is CAN-Spam Act Compliant
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CAN-SPAM Compliancy

International spam law states that any business or person could be subject to $16,000 in fines for each violation of the law, including sending email to recipients who have asked to be removed from your list. Stop spamming and start marketing through email according to the law established by the FTC. The MailBlast HTML email marketing system will bring your email marketing effort into full compliance so that spamming and fines are not a concern.

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